Work with an emerging technology to bring your digital ideas to life.

💡 Are you planning to hatch an innovative blockchain product or idea?

TZ APAC and Tezos India, backed by the Tezos Foundation, are offering budding entrepreneurs and the next generation of blockchain talent the opportunity to bring their blockchain-connected ideas to life through our Ecosystem Growth Grant (EGG).

What is EGG?

EGG provides funding of ~USD10,000 for blockchain-connected projects tied to the Tezos ecosystem, acting as a community-supported springboard for early-stage ideas.

Designed to encourage development and advocacy of Tezos’ community-driven, liquid Proof-of-Stake network, EGG helps innovators validate their ideas earlier, drive awareness amongst the wider Tezos community and enterprises, and receive mentorship and ecosystem support for their new project.

Why Tezos?

Building using the Tezos blockchain means you’re joining a dedicated community of innovation-forward thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs, all committed to the future of a decentralized, liquid Proof-of-Stake and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. Low carbon impact and low gas fees make Tezos the most environmentally responsible place to develop new blockchain solutions for a digital, decentralized world.

Tezos’ on-chain governance and self-amendment mechanism make it a truly community-governed, ever-evolving technological vision. The network’s on-chain, community governance powers seamless and efficient upgrades, and avoids ‘hard forks’ that split the communities and governance of so many other blockchains in existence today. And, because of self-amendment, coordination and execution costs for protocol upgrades are reduced and future innovations can be seamlessly implemented.

How do I apply for an EGG?

Applying for EGG is easy.

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Types of projects we support

We’re here to support innovative ideas that leverage the Tezos blockchain or serve the wider Tezos ecosystem and community. Some of the most common projects we support include:


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