We imagine a world where blockchain becomes an integral part of the lives of the masses is only possible when the community comes forward to build the infrastructure to drive mass adoption.

We realize the importance of engaging with developers early on in their development journey and want to be able to provide them with a way to both contribute to open-source and help grow the Tezos ecosystem while being appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

Since its inception, Tezos has always valued its open-source roots, striving to recognize and reward the community for contributions to the ecosystem. This is why the Tezos India Foundation launched our most impactful initiative yet in association with Devfolio to spread the joy of building on Tezos and grow the ecosystem. 10 talented developers based in India were selected from 1400+ for an 8-week intensive mentor-led program as part of the Tezos India Fellowship.

#1 CricTez: CricTez is a fantasy cricket platform.

Created by: Shubham Kukreja

CricTez — The Platform represents each cricket player participating in the league as multiple Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of Cards/Collectibles. Each Card/Collectible is unique to card score and ownership. The Card Score is calculated considering the real performance of the player and the previous card score. Users can buy/sell cards on the in-built online marketplace and build their team.

Detailed Explanation:


Card Structure:

Each Player is represented by 100 Cards (Non-Fungible Tokens) with


The Project is divided roughly into two sections:


The Marketplace will allow users to: